Dated 3 June 1846

Manor of Chertsey Beomond

Admission of Miss Jane Buckingham


Manor of Chertsey Beomond

In the County of Surrey

The General

Court Baron and customary court of John

Cutts Esquire of Little Bardfield Hall in the County

Lord of the Manor holden in and for the

said Manor of Wednesday the third day of June One

thousand eight hundred and forty six Before me

Richard John Cole Steward there


Presentment of

The Death and

Will of Frances

Ann Rousseau


Admission of

Jane Buckingham










Rents /2d & /1d

Fines certain

/2d & /1d


At this Court is presented the Death of Frances Ann Rousseau and also her will dated

the twenty eighth day of January One thousand eight hundred and forty five whereby she devised All

her Trust Property upon the several trusts and equities affecting the same (comprising therein the hereditaments

and premises hereinafter particularly described) to Jane Buckingham Walcot Square Lambeth

spinster Whereupon at this Court cometh the said Jane Buckingham her own proper

person and humbly prayeth to be admitted Tenant to all that Copyhold Messuage or Tenement

lying and being in Bell Lane Chertsey aforesaid now in the occupation of James Hudson Together

with the Outbuildings Orchard and Garden thereunto belonging and held of this manor by the rent

of Two pence and fine certain of Two pence And Also to an allotment No 367 situate at Addlestone

in the said Parish of Chertsey and bounded on the North East by Land allotted to William Hunt on

the South East by public road No 13 On the South West by Land allotted to John Bennett and on

the North West by Land allotted to Elizabeth Bangley To whom the said Lord by his said Steward

granteth seizin thereof by the Rod To have and To hold the said hereditaments and

premises with the appuurtenances unto the said Jane Buckingham Upon the Trusts Nevertheless

mentioned and contained in the Will of Benjamin Digsby deceased of the Lord of this Manor by

the Rod and by copy of Court Roll At the Will of the Lord according to the customs of this Manor

by the yearly Rents of Two pence and one penny and Fines certain of Two pence and one penny and

by Fealty suit of Court and other services and customs therefore due and of right accustomed

And she giveth unto the Lord for fines certain Two pence and one penny And so saving always

the rights of the said Lord the said Jane Buckingham is admitted Tenant in manner

and form aforesaid hath seizin by the Rod and her fealty is respited





                                                                R I Cole Steward

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