I have now carried out two types of DNA tests.

I tested at Ancestry (an autosomal test). I am shown as Bob Douglas in the tree and my Ancestry username is Stonechat

Results from this test show small to medium level matches with a number of people, some of these are known distant cousins and others have been identfied as such. Many potential matches cannot be pinned down to a common ancestor, this is an onging process

I uploaded the Ancestry results to three other sites has also given me a very small number of matches that can be traced to my father's side. I am kit number B478627 has given me very limited matches. On this I am DNA MP6246591 and family tree 3617656

I also uploaded to, but I have limited functionality as a non subscriber


I test my Y-DNA (paternal lineage) at 111 marker level at  with the same kit number. This has not been conclusive, there are a number of matches. I am haplogroup R-M269.

It further suggests that my detailed type is R1b Group Type 9: (R-M269>L21>Z253>Z2534>>Z2186>L1066>BY411)

Matches with UK and Scotland suggests that we do indeed have Scottish lineage. Also suggest that we are related to Dalglish - a spelling variation of Douglas

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