The Donaldsons Letter from Lady Fetherstonhaugh



Northchapel Petworth

March 1st 1869



       I am requested by Lady Fetherstonhaugh to reply to your letter of the 16th ult, respecting poor Mr. Donaldson’s children and the place he held upon the Uppark Estate

                                                                           £  s d

  Yearly Salary in money                                     150.0.0

     House and garden                                            40.0.0

     Horse trap shoeing &c                                     22.10.0

     Cow keep &c.                                                12.10.0

     Total                                                         £225.00.00

  During his office upon the Estate her Ladyship made him several presents in addition to the above yearly amount.

     If I can give you any further information I shall be most willing to do so.

     Very sincerely hoping you may be able to succeed on behalf of the poor unfortunate orphan children

 I beg to remain Madam

Very obediently yours

 James Taylor

 Mrs Douglas



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